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Men Without Masks

1 Day Training





Your performance has declined

"In all areas of my life my performance has declined. I can’t seem to perform the way I used to and I don’t know why."

Your purpose isn't clear

"I feel lost. Life is often meaningless. What is my purpose? I feel like I'm lacking a real purpose in my life"

Your confidence is low

"I've lost my confidence. I'm always worried what other people think of me. I'm playing small."

You struggle to know who you really are

"I don't know who I am anymore."

You are stuck in your head

"I'm always in my head. I feel anxious most of the time. I find it almost impossible to switch off. I'm not in touch with my feelings"


Or maybe life is good...

But, you secretly know there is so much more potential inside of you


Deepen the quality of your energy

Your loved ones are crying out for quality time

Plan better to live with more intensity

Your future adventures could look fucking incredible

Regulate stress to your advantage

Your true potential can only be reached if you master your emotions

Crystallise your inspired vision

Your life can become the most inspiring incredible adventure you've ever known

Improve your capacity to set boundaries

and communicate your needs

Your self worth and freedom depends on your ability to communicate your needs 

Become a master of presence & communication in intimate relationship

Your partner is crying out for a leader of the heart 

Don’t want to die with the music in you

You only have one chance. The time is NOW.

Are you ready to become this man?

Book a place on our 1 Day Training and experience the foundations of our 5 Day Trainings.

Our 1 day training is designed to give you a taster of the transformational work we bring into the lives of men through our 5 and 10 day training and online coaching programs. 

This experience is a snapshot introduction to the core philosophy we teach and the embodied practices and tools we equip men with to navigate their lives with more ease.

We will create a safe space for you to be seen without judgement, to be truly listened too and supported by other open-hearted men.

During the day we will focus on where we have come from and where we are heading as men, designing a clear map to navigate through as men experiencing different parts of ourselves through our bodies, cultivating a deeper sense of self knowing and purpose.


You will learn:
1) How to awaken your connection to emotion, feeling and embodiment
2) How to cultivate discipline, courage and commitment
3) How to unlock your hidden intellect, creativity and wisdom  

4) How to step into your power of natural leadership, order and clarity

This is a perfect introduction for any man who is curious about changing his life story and wants a gentle introduction into the work we offer at Men Without Masks

Dates & times: 

Sunday September 24th 2023
10:00AM - 18:00PM


The Florrie, 377 Mill Street, Liverpool L8 4RF

No upcoming events at the moment
Daniel Granger.JPG
"Absolutely life changing.
This experience
 gave me clarity and direction and helped me realise how amazing authentic connections with other men are"
Daniel Granger
Celebrity Hairsylist & Entrepreneur

Together, we are stronger.

Are you ready to step up and change everything?

This experience is designed for ANY MAN who has the courage to try something new, empty his mind, open his heart and step into the world with more clarity, understanding, forgiveness, energy, confidence and happiness.

None of us really know ourselves fully.

Even the most outwardly sorted men fight private battles which they worry are theirs alone.

At Men Without Masks, we don’t have all the answers, because nobody does.

Instead, we have the courage to look for them all the same, and the experience to know that it’s the search itself that really sets us free.

We look forward to meeting you.

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