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Experience the foundations of a Men Without Masks retreat

Are you a man seeking a deeper understanding of himself?

Do you struggle to accept the events that are happening in your life? 

Are you unclear of what your purpose is? 

Do you spend too much time in your head?

Do you want to discover the power of a Men Without Masks retreat and begin to take the first steps into a transformational journey of yourself?


Our 1 day virtual immersion is designed to give you a taste of our 5 day retreats. You will develop a solid understanding of the core philosophy we teach and how we hold a safe space for men to enquire deeply about themselves. You will learn embodied practices to help you get out of your head and into your heart.

Join us on our 1 Day Virtual ImmersionCome and connect with a group of like-minded men in a supportive environment as we set out on a transformational journey of self understanding, self empowerment and authentic connection. 

During the day we will focus on where we have come from and where we are heading as men, designing a clear map to navigate through as men experiencing different parts of ourselves through our bodies, cultivating a deeper sense of purpose. And much more:

1) How to awaken your connection to emotion, feeling and embodiment
2) How to cultivate discipline, courage and commitment
3) How to unlock your hidden intellect, creativity and wisdom  
4) How to step into your power of natural leadership, order and clarity

We will provide you with a clear map to navigate through life with more ease and maturity.

Meet your hosts


Craig White

High performance mentor

I have been fascinated by Human Behaviour and Performance for over 25 years.  During this time I have served as a High-Performance Mentor, been an Elite Sports Coach, having coached at International Level in Professional Rugby Union, I've been a Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and a Business Owner. My family think I'm a bit crazy and I thank my mother for

allowing me to 'fly'!

What I love more than anything else in life is sharing. Teaching, coaching, holding space for groups, and mentoring are my highest values, the way I live my life.  Its why I get out of bed in the mornings, I also love to travel and swim in cold rivers.


Ben Bidwell

Mindset and purpose coach

 I'm a mindset and purpose coach, writer and public speaker. It is my belief that we aren't born to simply conform, or to fit into a system that happens to be right for everyone. We are individuals with personal values that are unique to who we are. True success comes when we learn to live in tune with them

Change started to happen for me when I stopped trying to live to my ego by impressing society, and instead choosing to connect more with my heart to impress myself. I've learned this is where I am at my most powerful. My goal now is very clear, every day I aim to show up authentically and to help others connect more with who they are at their best, the person their heart craves them to be.


Join us, virtually

Our online virtual immersion will take place over the course of 1 whole day via Zoom.

It will combine a mixture of rich theory and embodied movement practices.

Upon payment you will be emailed access to our online presentation and shared resources, you will also receive access to your workbook for the session and there will be interactive practices for you to complete on the day. 

You will be emailed a Zoom link prior to the session 

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