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7 Levels of Compassion – How would you act?

The word compassion comes from: –

Co – Together Passion – A strong feeling

So compassion can be translated as a Strong Feeling of Togetherness.

“Compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it”
Daniel Goleman – Psychologist

We can all talk about compassion and inside we all feel some but compassion involves ACTION. In fact compassion is often termed ‘Love in Action’.

Here is a Scenario to Contemplate

I would like you to imagine a fellow brother suffering on the side of the street. Let’s say he is in some kind of physical pain. Which one of the following reactions would you be propelled to act upon? : –

  1. Ignore him and walk away in fear

  2. Say to yourself, ‘hey look at him’ with pity

  3. Ask yourself, ‘do you think he needs some help?’

  4. Say to yourself, ‘I hope someone helps him soon’

  5. Say to yourself, ‘maybe that someone is me’

  6. Say to yourself, ‘maybe it’s time to help him now’

  7. No words, you are intuitively drawn with compassion to help him

Which level do you operate on?

Let us propel ourselves to practice more compassion from now on.

And remember, compassion for oneself is absolutely essential if we are to be more understanding and show compassion for others.

Lets be honest and share were we are at here,

In Brotherhood


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