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A Gathering of Men – A short poetic journey through a men’s circle

The circle is prepared

A sense of sacredness prevails

Stillness, silence, potential, wisdom

A space fit for kings

The men start to arrive

One by one they sit in silence

Like jewels covered in dust

Light shining through darkness

The last man arrives

A jigsaw of immense wisdom is formed

A gaze between brothers occurs

The sealer is contained safely

The circle symbolizes wholeness and unity

A symbol of oneness, original perfection

Together we are stronger, wiser

As one we can finally conquer demons

We acknowledge our forefathers

The one’s who went before us

For they carry our lineage as men

And we carry their souls

The circle is opened, the sharing begins

Men drop down from head to heart

Compassion dripping from each man

A doorway to a deep yearning

A circle of mirrors appears for each man

There is nowhere to hide

Each mirror a reflection back to the inside

Each mirror a gift from the Divine

An uncomfortable charge appears in my gut

What is this man reflecting back to me

Is it my dark side I don’t want others to see

Is it my greatness I’ve have been told to supress

My shadow is exposed and brought to the light

I can close, contract, run away, hide

But I decide to open, smile, acknowledge the gift

Immediately I am free, I can breath, stillness returns

We talk about the light, we talk about the dark

We talk about the past, we talk about our fears

We pour our hearts into the circle, into the magic

We free our souls for the benefit of others

We laugh, we cry, we sing, we are silent

Men cultivating authentic love for other men

What a wonderful site, a wonderful blessing

A great event in a world of darkness

The circle naturally comes to an end

All men are complete

Each man leaves with a greater sense of wisdom

A greater sense of life

He turns away and leaves for his home

Each person he passes feels his compassion

A man full of love, a man full of light

A man who makes a difference

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