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A Message For 2017 – The Year of Brotherhood

To all fellow men.

I would like to take this opportunity to send you my wishes for 2017.

May 2017 be the Year of Brotherhood.

The year we reach out to our fellow brothers who may be suffering

The year we take the time to acknowledge our fellow brothers when we walk past them on the street

The year we let our fellow brothers know that we are there for them

The year we learn to listen with our hearts, compassionately, with presence

The year we listen without trying to change someone or project our own story onto them

The year we communicate with clarity and precision

The year we embrace our vulnerability as a sign of strength

The year we feel into our guts and breath deeply into our pain

The year we realise that our thoughts determine our happiness

The year we own our projections as a reflection of our internal world

The year we respect our body as a sacred vehicle for service

The year we conserve energy in order to serve ourselves and others better

The year we learn to feel into our emotions

The year we accept our imperfections

The year we share our gifts and follow our mission

The year we respect our boundaries to strengthen our capacity to help others

The year we become interdependent forming conscious tribes and communities

The year we respect and honour the women in our lives

The year we become better fathers, better sons, better husbands, better brothers

The year we respect the planet

The year we form men’s circles

The year we embrace our fears together

The year we act from a place of awareness, as awareness

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