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Me and Money – A Conversation

Me: Hi Money, how are you today? Money: I’m good. Same old routine really. I’m just available for people if they want me. Some people call me but most of them don’t contact me so much anymore.

Me: I’ve missed you. I haven’t shared time with you for ages it seems. Where have you been? Money: Craig, I’m always around you know. I’m always available if you want to use me for anything. But, sometimes I feel like you push me away.

Me: Do you know I really love you Money. I love spending time with you. But after a while I feel guilty spending too much time with you. I was taught that if I take too much of your energy then you might make me greedy, corrupt, and a bad person. Money: My dear Craig. You have been conditioned by your own religion and your own government that I am bad and corrupt. This is a classic amongst society today.

Me: Yes, when I use too much of your energy or when I feel that I want you a lot, I often feel guilt inside. Money: My dear Craig, your religions and governments, the very organisations that have taught you to avoid me, they call me all the time. They use my energy all the time, so much that it makes me tired. Look at how rich these organisations are. Look at the gold inside of the churches, look at the salaries government officials are paid. Can’t you see, the reason these organisations tell you to avoid me is so they can have me all to themselves. But, I don’t like to hang out with these people. They are greedy and they place huge demands upon me.

Me: But Money, I also feel this way towards you when I am amongst spiritual communities. Even during some of my men’s circles, often I hear men say that they don’t need you, they don’t want you, that you infuse in them guilt, shame and corruption. I’ve even heard some men say that if they desire more of your energy this will block their spiritual growth. Money: Ha ha, the spiritual communities. These people have also been brainwashed by society just as much as anyone else. They talk about loving others, being in service to others, selfless service, karma yoga, showing compassion to others who need help.

Me: Yes, yes, yes Money: OK. In theory you do not need me in order to be able to help others. Love is enough. This is correct. But, let me ask you this question. If I gave you 2 options: – 1) You have no money in your bank account and you are struggling to put food on the table, and 2) You have £1 Million in your bank account and you have a huge surplus amount of spare cash……Which one of these options would put you in a better position in today’s society to be able to really help people?

Me: Ok, when you put it this way it’s a ‘no-brainer’. I would choose you of course. Money: Let me also ask you another question. Do you believe it is possible to be kind, loving, compassionate, honest, peaceful, integral, and financially rich?

Me: Now that you put it this way, yes of course Money: Let me ask you another question: Are rich people bad people?

Me: That’s a difficult one to answer because my mum used to think that all rich people were greedy, arrogant, and selfish. I now see that this is where I got my ideas from about you! Money: Craig, please listen carefully. I will only say this once to you: – I am not bad or corrupt. I am always neutral. I’m just another source of energy in this world. It’s never about me anyway, it’s about the people who engage with me. I don’t corrupt people, people corrupt me. I am just a tool in life, the people are the spiritual part of this equation. Bad people will still be bad people in my company. Good people will still be good people in my company.

Me: Ha, so just to clarify. You are saying that it is people who are corrupt, not you?

Money: Yes, Yes, Yes. I am but a source of energy. The people choose to use me consciously or unconsciously. It is the people who choose. I am not guilty my friend and never have been so.

Me: Money, this is so helpful for me. I have loved you all these years but inside felt guilt towards you for no other reason than the beliefs of my family and society in general. I always knew inside that you were a great friend who only wants to help. Money: I’m glad to hear this Craig. I often get lonely because people just don’t trust me.

Me: Well now I trust you completely and its wonderful for me to know that you are by my side. Let’s work together to change the world, to make the world a better place, a more loving place. Money: Craig, I am more than happy to help you. There is just one more piece of advice I have to give you before we end this conversation. Here goes:

“If the reasons you want me are purely for your own selfish interests then I will not stay with you. I may meet with you but I will leave you very quickly. If your reasons for wanting me are to help others consciously and lovingly then I will come to you and stay with you forever. But I won’t just come knocking on your door. You need to call me Craig. I want you to make an effort to show how much you want me in order to help others. This requires action. If I know you want me and you make an effort to contact me for the right reasons I will always be your friend”.

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