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Prayer for a New Man

We pray for the dawn of a new man

We pray for a man rooted in awareness A man who acts from a place of free will. He is not controlled by his ego, his subconscious patterns He is a free man His practice of revealing his true nature is most important to him. He is committed to this cause He starts his day mindfully, consciously, and carries this presence throughout his day. His awareness spreads to everyone he shares with

We pray for an Honest Man A man in complete control of his behaviour For him there are no problems, only challenges He doesn’t blame any event or person for his suffering. He realizes that his view of the world is simply a mirrored reflection of his own internal projections. A triggered response to another is a chance to reveal his shadow A chance to embrace his vulnerability

We Pray for an Integral Man A man who walks his talk He is decisive and sticks by his word His word is his honour He is a man of trust A solid man

We pray for a Present Man A man who accepts and has learned from his past He forgives his past and is grateful for every experience. He has forgiven himself of guilt and shame. He has learnt valuable lessons from the past that enable him to be more authentic as a man today. He lives in the present moment

We pray for a Self-Respected Man A man who honors his body as a sacred vehicle for life He takes care of his body as if it were his child He rests deeply and sets boundaries He sets high standards A accepts responsibility

We pray for a Wild Man A man who fights for a cause He pushes his boundaries Lives on the edge, confronts danger He takes risks for the sake of others His wildness is no longer repressed He is a man on fire with passion

We pray for a Vital Man A man who vibrates with life-force A man of enthusiasm He energizers others by simply looking into their eyes He knows how to cultivate, move, and restore energy A man of joy

We Pray for a Feeling Man A man who feels safe in his heart and his gut He accepts and learns from his emotions He recognizes that each emotion is a doorway into a deeper version of himself He remains stable in a tornado of grief He can mindfully express the fire of anger He embraces the river of sadness A man who can laugh at himself

We Pray for a Decisive Man A man who knows what he wants He is a confident man He knows he has all of the answers inside He communicates with precision He acts with assertiveness A man grounded in his mission

We pray for an Integrative Man A man of the world He, who makes a difference He values interdependence He is tribal man A man of community A mentor A brother

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