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The Importance of Rest

A retreat gives you the opportunity to take time out from your busy life

Men, do you simply need a rest to recalibrate and remind yourself what is important to you?

As men, there may be times when we feel like 'bowing everything up', which in the work we do in our retreats, relates to a wounded warrior who wants to project his anger towards his suffering. We may also at times look desperately for the answer, the reason why we are struggling or feeling shit, which relates to the wounded magician, the 'know it all'. At times, we may hurt our bodies by using things like sugar, carbs, alcohol, chocolate, chocolate, even drugs as a way to feed our wounded little boy and block our feelings from coming to the surface, which is the wounded lover acting out.

Recently, over the last few weeks in my own life I have felt exactly this way. I've been getting angry at the world, saying 'fuck this', why bother! I've been searching for the reason why relentlessly. I've been hurting my body with mostly bad food choices and overeating.

Rest is important for both the mind and body

I have decided to take a rest. I am in the airport waiting for a flight to go on vacation for a week. Already, I feel the shift in me. I simply needed a rest. My king, is desperate to press the PAUSE button for a while in order to remember what is important to him and remember the beauty of the present moment, remember his gift, and what he is grateful for in the world.

So, I invite you as men (and women) to give yourself that much needed rest.

When was the last time you pressed the pause button and gave yourself a rest?

Have a great weekend,


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