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THE KING – A Poem about the Sovereign King Archetype

THE KING – A Poem about the Sovereign King Archetype

I am the King

I am not a perfect King

I am not a Prophet or a God

At times I am scared and feel vulnerable

At times I feel anger and rage, sadness and guilt

At times I feel impotence and afraid of responsibility

And I accept all of these fears as part of my shadow

As part of my whole self

Acceptance of my dark side gives me strength

For I am a strong King, a Warrior King

I serve my people with love and leadership

I live my mission

I listen to others wisely

I am responsible for my actions

And I own my behaviour

I empower my soldiers to fight with the sword of love

To be the best men they can be in this lifetime

To be authentic

Underlying my fears is a deep ocean of peace

I operate from this place

I share my peace with others

My vision is one of cohesion and unity

Blessings to all beings

For I am the King

Craig White

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