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The Magician – A Poem about the Male Magician Archetype

I am the Magician

A wizard, a shaman, a priest, a prophet

Some people say I am the New Entrepreneur

For I bring conscious innovation, wisdom, and light into the world

For me, life is limitless, possibilities are endless, potential is infinite

I devour human problems

Each problem seen as a doorway to transformation

A passage home into perfection

For years I searched, yearning for truth

I read scriptures, books, bibles, and things

I explored mountains, rivers, lakes, and trees

I sacrificed my body, attempted to transcended my mind

But why this search

For selfish knowledge, superiority, arrogance

To be seen as the greatest, intelligent, different, separated

An escape, an adventure, running deeper into drama

My brain got strong, my body weak

My persona in conflict, my soul was lost

My behaviour unbalanced, erratic, selfish, manipulating

At times I wanted to disappear from this world, to hide myself

To cast a spell and be gone forever


The magic is not out there in the books, the ashram, the forest

The hiding, the running, the striving, the searching

My magic lies in my weakness, my aches, my pains, my shadows

My vulnerability is the doorway to acceptance

A deep black hole of relief

Falling deeper into the hole, deeper into self-acceptance

The wounds of the past come forth, transparent

The shame, the guilt, the anger, the fear

I stand at the edge of death, surrendering to you

The initiation is done

My greatest gift is to trust

Trust the voice inside of my soul

The intuition of my heart

The deep message of stillness

From this place I am the master navigator

Navigating through inner and outer worlds

I carry infinite strength and power

Breaking down the doors of dual perception

Life is my playground, a dance of fun

In you I see potential

In you I see transformation

In you I see me

Now I am the loyal advisor to my King

His senses belong to me

I listen for his direction from that Sacred Stillness

I gain clarity through the eyes of another brother

The touch of the grass

The smell of the ocean

The taste of honey

For I am the Magician

Craig White

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