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The Perfect Retreat Location

Whaley Hall Facade Image
Whaley hall - looking majestic!

Whenever we attend an event, complete a course, workshops, or attend a residential retreat it is important that the location is suited to the purpose. It would seem a little strange if we attended a yoga retreat in a London coffee shop or we went to study Ancient Greece in an English Castle wouldn’t it! It is also essential that when attending any event that the venue and the program is organised in such a way that makes your life incredibly easy, helping you to get the most out of your experience.

In our Men Without Masks Retreat, we prepare everything for you to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything, then we lodge in Whaley Hall a Stately Home of historical significance. Built in parts from the 12th and 14th Century up to more modern refurbishments which, given its close proximity to amazing outdoors recreation opportunities, has made it an ideal location for team building, events and people wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

Having an amazing location not only helps to inspire, but saves distraction from modern day living, as the space harks back to a simpler and more resourceful past. Whaley Hall is not a shiny, unblemished and spotless cathedral to modernity. The place has an impressive history and is located on the edge of one of the best outdoor spaces in the country – the Peak District. It’s a down to earth, friendly place, where you can take off your shoes, wear your casuals, and live as you would in your home. Here is a space that allows us as men to take a break from the fast lane of life, re-engage with nature, reconnect with ourselves, get back to basics and still have a comfortable time without distraction or need for anything other than the purpose ahead: the Men Without Masks Retreat.

Having an amazing location is just another part of the Men Without Masks Retreat that we agonised over in putting this all together and we’re very happy that the men who attend the retreat love the venue as much as we do.

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