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Wellbeing on the Rail Networks.

Wellbeing on the Rail Networks.

How can I help wellbeing on the Railways?

Mental health and wellbeing is partly about balance. Everyone and I do mean every human being on the plant, has self awareness, which in turn leads to doubts, fears, certainties, ego and much more that courses through their heads. Balancing mind and body is a hard job and some are better at it than others for many reasons, it’s a matter of reviewing and refining processes to make things better.

Take sports, in which I have worked with at the very highest level. Anyone can pass a ball but high performance sports athletes pass a ball hundreds of thousand of times to make sure the outcome of that pass is what’s expected but sometimes, even though they are perhaps the best at it in the world, the outcome isn’t what’s expected as much as they are good at making it great more times than than not. Physically they are trained to do amazingly, but even with all that training they make a bad pass, or a bad tackle or something that’s not what’s expected. What happens in the physical world also happens in the mental world. It’s what they do to rectify that error that helps define their personality and career in both realms.

In the same way that sports person, to get where they are needed very tough mentality to achieve above and beyond, but that’s not to say they don’t need help. In the same way a coach can help them physically, even though they are at their peak, optimised level, their brains (all our brains) can refine results to be better optimised for daily life and ‘the game.’ In may ways this is like my Men Without Masks events that can be attended by someone from any walk of life, but they will all get something different from it and allow them to be able to make changes in their own life, no matter what they do for a living.

This is why I have been successful in coaching world class elite sports men to achieve more, not because they are all ‘deficient’, they certainly aren’t, but because they are receptive to understanding they need balance to be at their optimal level on and off the pitch mentally and physically.


This is where my work can be used in all walks of life. Odds are you’re not an elite athlete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t optimise your thinking to refine and understand yourself more, making ‘the game’ tilted in your favour.

It’s with this knowledge that I undertook a couple of speaking engagements with SafeStart18, a conference for the teams that run rail networks with the Rail Alliance. I had the honour of sharing a stage with Mark Davies (of as I talked about my experience in High-Performance Rugby and how this applies to Railwork Safety, predominantly internal safety, stress management, and resilience.

And this is the main point here, the work I do can cross any boundary, as it’s not about sports or what you have done in life to get to this point. It’s about where you want to go next and how you want to get there as whatever ‘work’ you do you’re still a human and your mentality, though complex and individual has eminent potential for optimisation.

So my work as a High Performance Coach is useful for people who work on and provide safety for the railways. So much so that a few days after I worked again to railworks at the: Rail Network Corporate Resilience Event in Derby called IPEM SLT Resilience and Wellbeing Event.

This time I was talking about the role of nutrition and stress management in building resilience. Again working to find a balance in enabling concentration, energy and working on the same principles from high end sports that work, because we’re all human! The events were both fantastic to see how anyone can utilise my wok to be able to make a change in their life.

I will be working on more of these events and am available if you want me to speak at an event – simply mail me through the contact section of this site HERE.

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