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Welcome to the first step towards your empowerment as a man.

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Who are we? Why are we here? How can we be better, truer, happier men, living the lives we actually want?


We don’t have all the answers, because nobody does. Instead, we have the courage to look for them all the same, and the experience to know that it’s the search itself that really sets us free.

This book will help you:

Understand the masks you wear​

Look into your Shadow

Learn who you are behind your masks

Listen to Greg's Journey


Who are we?

My name is Craig White, and I'm the founder of Men Without Masks. 


We're here to support you and to guide you into your potential and purpose.


We're here to introduce you to a new way, a modern way of living as a man that can propel you into a life of real meaning and love for yourself and each other.


We're on a mission to create a safer world. A world where men feel safe enough to express their feelings and have their needs met.

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