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Meet our team


Craig White


I have been fascinated by Human Behaviour and Performance for over 25 years.  During this time I have served as a High-Performance Mentor, an Elite Sports Coach, having coached at International Level in Professional Rugby Union, been a Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and a Business Owner. My family think I'm a bit crazy and I thank my mother for allowing me to 'fly'!

What I love more than anything else in life is sharing. Teaching, coaching, holding space for groups, and mentoring are my highest values, the way I live my life.  Its why I get out of bed in the mornings, I also love to travel and swim in cold rivers.

To find out more about my professional life, qualifications, education, and experience please visit 


Martin Bone


I am a former professional Tennis Coach, turned Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Mentor, Empowerment Coach, Business Owner, a Father, Lover, a proud ‘Scouser’ (from Liverpool), and a Friend to many. My super-power is bringing people together, creating safe spaces, where people can be heard, seen, and transform into their unique potential. This is my purpose.


My teachings come from the core of my own direct experience, which includes an intense practice of many forms of Yoga, Meditation, and Shamanism. I am a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Men's work and meditation are my life's passion.


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Dave Aucott


Nature is my playground. For as long as I can remember I have lived, learned and played in woodland, mountains and along the coast. I have a deep understanding of the rhythms and phases of the natural world, and have spent most of my 50 years climbing, surfing and running in some of the most beautiful environments on earth.

I offer empathy and understanding of what it is to be a man and a father. I share the wisdom of 25 years of yoga practice and how to transform fear into a powerful, positive energy. I can help to realign you with your natural rhythm and to find your inner “wild man “

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Matt Gunn


My name is Matt Gunn, I am a transformational men’s coach, an embodied breathwork practitioner and a transpersonal psychotherapist. 

I passionately support men to get out of their heads and back into their hearts. I bring the deepest embodied presence into a sacred space where men can fully embrace their humanness and reconnect to those parts of themselves they had hidden away, discarded or denied. 

I am a heart led practitioner and I believe in a holistic, person centred approach that connects the head, heart and soul. I feel most alive when I’m connected to my breath, fully in my body and bringing all of me into relationship. 


Ben Bidwell


Hi I'm Ben & I'm a mindset and purpose coach, writer and public speaker

It is my belief that we aren't born to simply conform, or to fit into a system that happens to be right for everyone. We are individuals with personal values that are unique to who we are. True success comes when we learn to live in tune with them

Change started to happen for me when I stopped trying to live to my ego by impressing society, & instead choosing to connect more with my heart to impress myself. I've learned this is where I am at my most powerful. My goal now is very clear, every day I aim to show up authentically & to help others connect more with who they are at their best, the person their heart craves them to be.


Check me out at


Jonathan Hunter


Hello there, I'm Jonny, I'm a multi-disciplinary creative helping purpose driven communities connect with their audiences. My passion is capturing the wonderfully intimate moments of human connection and weaving them into a beautiful piece of creative. My role is to help communicate the power of these moments to the wider world and spread the message of our transformative mens work.

The gifts I bring to the world are creativity, and compassionate presence. I'm following my highest value when in service to others. 


Duncan West


I'll be your first point of contact when you embark on your journey of self-discovery with Men Without Masks. I'm here to support Craig and all the men in the MWM community and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our retreats.

My own life's journey has been one of spiritual growth, personal development and the pursuit of authenticity. I've trodden an unconventional path and found fulfilment through service to others and leading a simple life. I'm fascinated by the human condition, how we relate to one another, how we build a sense of belonging, and how we deal with the current crisis of masculinity through the forging of brotherhood where we can open our hearts and share our personal wisdom.

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