21-Day Program of Self Discovery
23rd April - 14th May

Are you ready to go on this journey to reveal your true leader inside of you?

Today the world requires strong male leaders who not only have amazing minds that can create inspiring visions but men who also have an innate capacity to feel. Leaders who can feel themselves deeply through their bodies and in doing so are able to successfully lead themselves, their families, their colleagues, and their businesses from a place of authentic compassion

To feel is to heal.

To feel is to be alive.

To feel is to inspire.

Yet, as men we are conditioned to solve problems with our logical mind. We are taught that we must fix things from a mental perspective and be able to understand the world through the context of our rational and cognitive mind. Also, growing up as men because of traumatic experiences and due to a toxic download of what masculinity is very early in life we shut down in our bodies, we dissociate from our feelings, and spend most of our lives living in our head because that what men do right?




This is incredibly tiresome and limited. By learning to reconnect again with wisdom within our bodies, to shift our precious attention into our hearts, and reclaim the parts of us that were repressed, we increase our capacity to be authentic, we can remove our masks of fear, to care less about what others think of us, and move into a life of inspired purpose on our own terms, not the terms given to us by society.

Are you ready to go on this journey to reveal to true Leader inside of you?


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Why we created this program

Many of the men we work with attend one of our acclaimed 5-Day Retreats, experience transformation during one of our private coaching packages, or they have a life changing experience in another way. Maybe they worked with a therapist, a coach, went on a different kind of retreat, met a new partner, had a child, moved into an exciting new job, etc, etc. And for a while life seems incredible. You wake up feeling energised, alive, and inspired to live to your full potential.You create a great set of habits and are disciplined. Life seems amazing.


And then: -


Old patterns begin to resurface

Grief around your past

Anxiety towards your future

Worrying too much about others

Forgetting about your own needs

Your morning routine falls away

You fall back into a life of giving without receiving

Forgetting about your own needs

You try to fix things by rating your success based on the ticking off of your to-do list

You stop looking inside of yourself and instead grasp at instant gratification from outside

You attention starts to gravitate back inside of your heads

Disconnected from your body

Fuck, this can be exhausting

You stop feeling

Eventually, we isolate ourselves spending too much time alone

You forget the incredible power of brotherhood and authentic friendships with other men


You realise you are not the man you strive to be.

Who is this program aimed at?

The program is aimed at any man who wants to transform his beliefs about himself and transform his daily habits in a short space of time. A man who wants to get out of his head and into his heart. A man who wants to finally let go of the old story and rewrite the script of his life. And man who knows he has so much more to give in this lifetime. A man who wants to be a great role model to his loved one’s and the people that rely on him. A man who values himself and invests in his future. A man searching for Quentin brotherhood even though he may not consciously realise this.

Who is leading the program?

The program is led by the creator of Men Without Masks, Craig White.

Craig has over 26 years of experience in the field of Coaching and Mentoring. During this time he has served as a High-Performance Mentor, an Elite Sports Coach, having coached at International Level in Professional Rugby Union, a Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Breath-Work Coach, and a Business Owner. Craig has an innate capacity to build safety amongst groups of men. He is a master facilitator who can inspire you to let go of the old script, rewrite a new script, and move into a life of inspired leadership.


What does the program look like?

- 10 / 20 Men grow together as a strong brotherhood over 21 days

- 21- Day Immersion requiring your full commitment on a daily basis

- Daily Zoom Sessions (0600am to 0730am) aimed at ‘winning your day’

- Sharing Circle every 5th day giving you an opportunity to speak openly without being judged

- Whattsapp support group used to build safety, trust, and bring more clarity to you

- Daily Contemplative Questions to guide you inwards

- Shared Resources (e.g. quotes, video, music, etc)

- One to One Email Support, if required


How does the program flow over the 21 days?

Intro Zoom Session

1-2 Days before the start of the program we will meet as a group for 60 mins on Zoom

- Outline of the program

- Get to know each other


General Flow of the Program

- 21 Days

- 10 continuous days of Zoom Sessions

- 1 Day OFF

- 10 continuous days of Zoom Sessions


5 Day Blocks

A journey through the 4 pillars of Male Leadership

- Days 1-5 = The Warrior (Discipline and Boundaries)

- Days 6-10 = The Lover (Connection and Belonging)

- Day 11 = OFF

- Days 12-16 = The Magician (Introspection)

- Days 17-21 = The King (Inspired Value driven Leadership)


In each 5 day block: -

- Days 1-4 = Embodiment Class (e.g. movement, breath-work, meditation, and other embodied practices)

- Day 5 = Group Check In (a chance to share what is going on for you in a non-judgemental space)


One to One Email Support

- If required queries, concerns, and private insights can be sent to Craig via email

- No email goes unnoticed


WhattsApp Support

- Daily contemplative questions shared by Craig

- Daily theme

- A place to build safety and trust

- Share your wins and your challenges

- A place to share resources

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What other men say about the program:


"Absolutely life changing. This program gave me clarity and direction and helped me transform myself and my daily habits in a short space of time" - Daniel Grainger


"This 21 day journey enabled me to step into my true potential and become the man I've always wanted to be" - Peter


"I really struggled to keep the momentum going after retreat and this program has reignited my fire and helped me back onto the path of greatness. Thank you Craig. - Matt 


What will you need to take part in the program?


- An open mind to explore new practices you may not have done before

- Discipline to wake up early every morning and join the group

- A quiet space where you wont be interrupted and you can move around

- A yoga mat or clean carpet to sit and lie on

- A meditation cushion (preferably more than one if your hips are tight)

- A chair

- Comfortable clothes to practice in

- A laptop or Desktop Computer

- Zoom download on your computer


How much does the program cost?



- Payment to be made in full
-Over 21 days you will have exclusive access to Craig for over 4 days of total time

- Craig’s normal rate for 1 day of coaching is anywhere between £1000 and £2500

- This an amazing opportunity to learn from his skills and experience

September 5 Day Retreat 2022
Multiple Dates
17 Sept, 12:00