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Imagine this video as a Facebook post.

80% of people view Facebook and Instagram videos with no sound... the most successful videos are captioned, now I can offer the same service 


As people are scrolling, you need a way to GRAB their attention and make them stop and read what you are offering.   The best way is with captions!

You can add any header and footer, you can also add subtitles.  You can change any of the effect (the harsh flashing text in this just an example) 


In the body of the Facebook post, you can then promote the multi-pay options.  People are more likely to read as you have stopped them scrolling and they are curious!  You could also make a video, explaining the multi-pay options and I can add subtitles.


Imagine this for the testimonial videos.   They would be watched far more if they have these sort of graphics and subtitles.


The black box at either side of the video will go when it's viewed on social media


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