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Private Coaching

Are you the type of man who prefers one-to-one

or small group experiences?

Our team at Men Without Masks offer a wide range of expertise, skillset and knowledge to guide you on your journey

Contact us today for a no obligation discovery call to see if private mentorship is for you

Craig White

Transformational Men's Coach

How I love to serve:

I have a track record of mentoring men over the last 25 years that started with professional sports coaches and has extended to men in all walks of Life. My passion is taking men on a  transformational journey that includes an immersion deep in the heart of nature combined with a more formal approach within the meeting room.


My toolbox includes: Life Coaching, Movement Expression, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Shadow Work, Hiking, Cold Water Therapy, and much more. I love nothing more than helping men to join the dots of their past, to tap into what truly drives them, cultivate present moment awareness, get clear on their purposeful vision, and more importantly the creation of a road map with accountable actions.


I offer private retreats with groups of 1-4 men, one to one in-person mentoring, and virtual online mentoring journeys.  This is my message to the world: -

“Learn to relax, ground yourself, become present, and allow life to flow through you without resistance. Forget the doubters, the ones who taught you to play safe, and the ones who want you to be like them.  Feel inside of yourself. What is important to you? What do you want to do with your life? Do not underestimate the power that lies inside of you to make a change right now and move your life into a whole new direction. A life of inspired meaning. A life where you can accept yourself as you are and share your gifts.”

Martin Bone

Yoga & Meditation Coach

How I love to serve:

My life is driven by a purpose to embody truth and share this authentic transmission with the world. I am so passionate about the human experience and what it means to become excellent. I have spent 20 years coaching people from the world of sport and leisure to now the holistic dynamic of embodiment, meditation and personal development


My intention is to hold space and facilitate higher states of consciousness to liberate us from self limiting beliefs, fragmented social system and outdated mental constructs.

I have a unique blend of gifts and talents to activate deep transformation in the lives of others and my job is to educate and inspire people on all matters related to human behaviour for the benefit of authentic connection, abundance and self mastery

I offer one to one private coaching sessions from my Yoga and Meditation studio in Liverpool. I also offer a group mentorship programme

called 'Level 4 - Embodied Excellence' 

Dave Aucott

Rewilding & Embodiment Coach

How I love to serve:

Nature is my playground. I can help to realign you with your natural rhythm and to find your inner "wild man"

I invite you to join me on a journey. It will take courage to face your inner fears, but our path will lead to transformation.

Our map will be the four elements of nature and we will learn to experience inner freedom and a more simple way of being.

All my mentorship immersions are run over a single day on a deeply personal one-to-one basis

Matt Gunn

Psychotherapist & Breathwork Coach

How I love to serve:

I passionately support men to get out of their heads and into their hearts. I bring the deepest embodied presence into a sacred space where men can fully embrace their humanness and reconnect to those parts of themselves they had hidden way, discarded or denied.


I hold the safest space for men to integrate trauma, learn to feel at home in their own skin and to realise their highest purpose. 


My work is focused on men returning home to their bodies, fully accessing the power, truth, peace and sexual energy that naturally resides within. 


In session I blend transpersonal psychotherapy, meditation, embodiment modalities and a variety of powerful breathwork techniques to fully serve the men I work alongside.


 Contact me for transformational men’s coaching, psychotherapy and trauma release breathwork.

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