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My hope is that this book will help you to clearly see that there is a way out of suffering.


Step out of your mind and to move into a more conscious way of behaving, giving you more clarity in life, helping you to fully understand why you are here, motivating you to stop being a slave.  It is possible to fulfil your potential and to be the man you were supposed to be.


All that is required is that you are willing to change and that you are prepared to make the effort and the daily practice that is required to change.

Change requires effort, requires sacrifice, requires us as men to step through our fears, step over thresholds, and into the magic. If you want to navigate through life as a Conscious High Performing Man, this Mini E-Book will set you on your way. The information provided here was inspired by the book ‘Conscious Men’, written by John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh, plus my own journey, which has been heavily influenced by my work in NLP, Spectrum Emotional Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, and the ManKind Project.

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All of our 2019 retreats have multi payment options!   Join us on our next retreat

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20TH - 24TH MARCH 2019

Want a deeper understanding of yourself, more acceptance of the events in your life so far, a greater capacity to cultivate more presence and self-awareness, and have a deeper clarity around your purpose in life?

June 18 Retreat - Night.jpg


19TH - 23RD JUNE 2019

It’s time you gave yourself a break from modern life to reconnect with like-minded men in a safe and supportive environment. Come and join us on this journey of a lifetime - take off your masks and reveal your true self.

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20TH - 24TH NOVEMBER 2019

This is a chance for men to come together to discuss the pressures we face, the gifts we can bring into the world and how we are stronger together as a collective group of brothers.

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