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Ladies...this one is for you!

Women love the great work that we are doing with men

As you may have noticed from the name, Men Without Masks is an organisation set up solely to help men to understand their role in today's ever-changing society.

Yet, whenever I post something that I feel is aimed squarely at a fellow man, the biggest response comes from women.

I regularly see comments like these:

'This is so needed, well done for setting this up!'

' Every man should experience this.'

' Great idea, something men have needed for a long time.'

We need women to spread the message to the beloved men in their lives

So today, I am reaching out to every sister, every girlfriend, wife, daughter and mother to pass this simple message onto a beloved man that you know, who may need to hear it.

Our mission is to help as many men as possible to realise all the many gifts and talents that most of the time, lie dormant inside them.

Together, we can wake them up and help them to live the fullest life possible.

Thank you for reading and helping. It is very much appreciated.


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