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"The Healing Power of Brotherhood"

By attending not one, but two of our 5-Day retreats Graham felt the incredible power of brotherhood. He was accepted and seen fully for who is he without judgment, without bias, and this has given him tremendous hope for the future. He now has a deep connection with a group of men he can call his spiritual family.

Here is a short poem that Graham wrote at the end of the retreat: -

MEN came from the north,

MEN came from the south,

MEN came from the East and the West.

MEN Determined to face their emotional challenges.

MEN of great courage who give it their best.

Men of strength who searched for direction, spirits rise and answer their call.

The magician waved his wand and like magic, 24 men appeared in a circle

Now I’ve listened to all of your stories, of adversity, sadness, and pain.

But we all survived and have all now arrived, out of the storm to start over again.

Now I’m sat here in total amazement, at all you amazing determined young men and it’s an honour to be sat here among you, giving my best while I’m helping mi sen.

Now a few days have passed and I’m settled at last.

And I see the group are now helping each other.

So just go with the flow, let all the hurt go, as you find all the love that will help you recover.

Relax and enjoy your new positive intentions. Embrace the love of your newfound friends.

Stand up and sing as you honour your king, be at peace, for his love never ends.

Now feel your inner strength and fly like the buzzard, who rises high, surveys and sees all

And once you're up there the real magic happens, as you realize you never can fall.

Men Without Masks

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