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Who's in Control? – A Poem about Letting Go

I often think I know

And then I make a plan

I really strive to grow

And I believe I can

I try to do my best

To walk the perfect way

With passion in my chest

I pray to god each day

I aim to manifest

The life that I deserve

I feel that I know best

And then I take a swerve

The expectations in my head

The dreams I have inside

Did not occur the way I said

And now I want to hide

And wait it shouldn’t be this way

I never planned for this

My mind has lots of things to say

And wants to be in bliss

I want to have the perfect life

With friends who say I’m great

A car, a dog, a sexy wife

And good food on my plate

Anger jumps up to my throat

How dare life hurt my pride

Now I have to sail the boat

And wait to ride the tide

I never felt this way before

I never lost my shit

The worry moves inside my core

And deep into my pit

My mind is going crazy

And now it fears the worst

The future is so hazy

My head is going to burst

I put my hands upon my head

To ease the throbbing pain

I shout and scream into the bed

Can’t face the crying shame

I thought that I was in control

I thought I was the master

But belief’s not from my soul

That’s why it’s a disaster

And then a voice calls from my soul

I hear him inside

Brings silence from within my hole

And tells me not to hide

The voice is speaking soft and sweet

I know he is my friend

He’s telling me to trust in him

Until the very end

He’s telling me to take a breath

Stop trying to mould my life

Or I’ll be torn until my death

In anger and in strife

You are not the body, he said

And you are not the mind

Your ego puts beliefs in your head

And you become so blind

So close your eyes and remain still

And watch the thoughts go by

There’s no need for a super pill

Just ask god ‘who am I’

Stop chasing thoughts and stories

Given to you by them

It’s time to see your glory

And reveal the hidden gem

Rest inside your peaceful heart

And drop down from your head

Let’s make a brand new start

Before you end up dead

Stop planning life with safety walls

It doesn’t work this way

Start listening into life’s true calls

And feel what it has to say

You’ll see that you are not the boss

Although you think you are

You might experience such a loss

Your ego cuts a scar

But when you shift from out to in

Let life move through as life

You’ll find that you’re not in a spin

And there’s no pain and strife

You’ll know when it is time for action

You’ll know when silence is required

And you’ll experience satisfaction

And no more will you be so tired

So when the mind thinks he’s the boss

Just close the eyes and drop the worry

And you can lower down your cross

And see there is no hurry

For you do not exist in time

Let mind continue living there

Rest in peace, it’s not a crime

There’s magic in the air

And when you finally come back home

Let life flow through your open heart

You’re simply free to go and roam

Now is time to start.

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